30-Day Protection

5.00 USD

Package Description

Your base will be protected from becoming an "Abandoned Base" and being subject to raid by other players.
This protection is on a 30 day timer, your protection starts from the time you purchase and lasts for 30 days.
As a result, Protection will overlap bi-weekly and monthly wipe cycles.

By Default, bases are protected for 48 hours of inactivity. 
VIPs have 4 days of inactivity and MVPs have 7 days of 
inactivity until their bases become raid-able. 

This coverage DOES NOT protect your base from bi-weekly map wipes or monthly forced wipes. 
This Coverage DOES NOT protect your base from Decay in the event you neglect to put the proper resources.

This Perk works for both the 10x and the 2x Servers!